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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
School characteristic

School characteristic

 The school has a glorious history, with fine teachers as well as diligent students. The atmosphere in the school is harmonious and lively. It also offers first-class teaching equipment. The teaching purpose of the school is to help students develop better personality and humanity spirit, learn specialized knowledge and skills, and enter a higher education.

■ Equipment

We provide students the comfortable high efficiency and the learning environment.

■ Teachers

In the school, there are about 75 teachers, with master or bachelor degrees from the normal university, the scientific and technical university, and various universities. All of them teach with professional knowledge as well as great patience.

■ Transportation 

A 10-minute Walk to Douliu train station.

■ Board and lodging 

We offer a female student dormitory, with 200 beds as well as a student restaurant on the first floor.

■ The Type of Department 

For the department of International Trade and Applied Foreign Language, each grade supposes to have two classes. As for the department of Data Processing, each grade has three classes. The department of Advertisement Design as well as Early Childhood Care and Education has one class each.

■ The Entrance Rate of Higher Education

The total number of the school’s graduates is about 350 each year. And for the latest two years, the entrance rate for higher education is 98%.