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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Incumbent principal

      The Principal: Mr. Tsungchin Lo


     TEL: (05)5322147 Ext. 102


  • Words from the principal:

      Uphold the Tradition; Reach Another Peak.

                                                  Lo, Tsungchin, Principal

                                                            Sept. 15, 2011

        As we come to the start of another new semester, I would like to heartily welcome all the new students to our school, who will be infusing new energy and hope into our “family.” Particularly, this is the first year I take post as the principal of Douliu Vocational High School, and I have come here with a whole new blueprint, filled with my ideals and plans to make the school an even better ground for education. I am hopeful that I will grow with the students personally and work with the faculty and staff to create a brighter future for the school.

        Another thing worth mentioning is that the recent graduating class has once again made history in the college entrance exam, creating an all time high record for the number of students gaining admissions to national universities, a total of 178 students. Among all the graduates, more than half of them have moved on to national universities for higher education, rendering an honorable record unsurpassed by the previous classes. I would hence like to commend this class for their performance, which not only has created a wider spectrum for their own future, but also brought honor to the school. Of course, this would not have been possible without the sweat and toil from their teachers, whose joint efforts and dedication have made our school what it is today.

        The honor roll being posted on the wall by school gate, amid words of compliments, we have firmly set our goal for the coming year: 200 graduates or over to enter national universities. It is my earnest expectation that the next graduating class will create another new prospect, setting another honorable record. The school along with the Parent Association, the Alumni Association and the Culture and Education Foundation, will continue to raise funds to encourage and reward those who make outstanding performance in the entrance exam. It is my hope that the students will hence be inspired to study rigorously so as to uphold our excellent tradition, and create another peak of school honor.

        Besides setting the goal for college admissions, I would like to lay great emphasis on the manners of each and every student. I hope that we will cultivate gentle and well-mannered students who excel not only in professional knowledge and skills, but are also of high morality. If we persist in being courteous and kind to others, we will benefit tremendously for life. With the above being said, I will work side by side with all of you, and I am counting on all of you for mutual and continuous support and encouragement.


  • Educational Values and Ideals of the Principal

1.      Make the school a nurturing ground for student success.

2.      Promote individualized education that is available to all equally.

3.      Develop school-based characteristics, utilizing the unique advantages to our school.

4.      Instill multi-intellectuality in the students and cultivate their ability for lifelong learning.

5.      Strengthen life education for the students, including their manners, character, attitudes, health and happiness.

6.      Realize the school motto, i.e. honesty, modesty, diligence and competence so that students are well educated in all areas.

7.      Cultivate the habit of applying learned knowledge to practice in life, and develop professional skills through regional industry-academia collaboration.

8.      Emphasize vocational and technical education to achieve the bilateral goal of attaining higher education and vocational certification.