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Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs includes Student Activity Section, Life Counseling Section, Sanitary Section, and Physical Education Section.

The Office of Student Affair is the authority in charge of various student affairs in the school. Our main object is to cultivate sound personality and positive attitudes to living in our students.

  • Main Job:

1.      Hold students’ affair meeting and homeroom teachers’ conference regularly to emphasize the mutual communication and contact, and keep the record accurately and in detail, and do the follow-up job

2.      Hold the counseling meeting irregularly, and deal with some serious problems of students’ counseling and discipline

  3.  Set up the scheme of various students’ activities, and match the budget implementation

4.      Hold parent-teacher meetings to promote the function of Parents Committee


  • Student Activity Section - - -

Arranging and practicing students’ activities and affairs

1. Propel moral education, and actively plan the activities of revering the old and respecting teachers, and public service, etc.

2. Hold and supervise the union of graduates, the class-leader association, student autonomous organization, and to educate and train a modern participative citizens of democratic country

3. Help students to organize various clubs and encourage them to choose their clubs as they wish to improve the skills and ability of students’ leadership, participation, recreation, admiration, and creation.  

4. Strengthen the training and practice of boy scout and school band, and help student service club make great strides toward the wholesome development of independence, and service joyousness

5. Hold the activity of citizen training, and arrange field trips to broaden students’ horizon

6. Integrate the social resources and hold the activities of students’ performance  

7. Set up a special bank account to help the students in need to create a campus with the atmosphere of warmth, harmony, and mutual aid.

8. Publish the school magazine, and encourage students’ creations

  • Life Counseling Section - - -

Guiding students’ daily behavior, and propelling moral education


  • Physical Education Section - - -

Planning and propelling physical education and recreational activities, and impart general physical education

1.      Hold various sporting events

2.      Arrange the courses of physical education

3.      Set up the scheme and maintenance of sporting facility and sporting field

4.      Set up the scheme of sporting events

   5. Counseling and training of the school teams in sports

   6. Keep the record and analysis of students’ sporting performance

   7. Test students’ and teachers’ physical fitness and analyze the data

   8. Help the Student Activity Section to develop student sporting clubs

   9. Hold the sporting activities for the faculty in the school


  • Sanitary Section - - -

I. Students’ Health care

1. Keep each member at school healthy physically and mentally

2. Enforce Sanitary Disciplines

3. Infection prevention and vaccination

4. Physical Examination and its statistics and analysis

5. Applying for the student insurance

6. Maintaining the health facilities and equipment

7. Investigating students’ special physical condition and doing the following-up

II. Environmental Sanitation

1. Healthy education and health-related activities

2. Implement the policy of the garbage classification, and the recycling service

3. Set up the scheme of neat competition