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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Military Education Office

Military Education Office

  • General Work

1.          To implement military eduation and students’ life couseling

2.          To stress moral education and build good teach-student relationship

3.          To emphasize students’ life education and develop good habits of life

4.          To enforce students’ life counseling, guide students to develop good characters and make students behave well

5.          To protect school security, reduce school healthcare problems and ensure students’ security

6.          To implement military instructors’ rules, emergency rescue, health care and security

7.          To instill national consciousness, raise students’ national ispirits, equip students with basic combat skills

8.          To emphasize life education and develop good manners

9.          To establish the center of school security and emergency rescue groups, to realize risk monitoring and disaster management and offer schools a secure learning environment

10.    To care about students with patience, find out and solve students’ problems

  • Organizations and Duties

1.      Life Counseling

A.     Students’ emergency rescue

B.     Students’ scholarship

C.     Student Rewards and Disciplinary Committee

D.    Students’ counseling

E.     Prevention of students’ risks

2.      Outside School duties

A.     The Enforcement of drug preventions

B.     Substitute Military Service

3.      Military Education

A.     Managements of military instructors

B.     Improvements of military education

4.      Military Logistics

A.     Night School life counseling

B.     Managements of soldiers’ health insurance, clothes and checkups

C.     Students’ military recruitment

D.    Maintenance of military weapons