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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs

I.  Contact Information:


Telephone No.


Director of General Affairs Office


Chief of Purchase and Maintenance Section


Chief of Cashier Section


Chief of Document and File Section



II.        Introduction


1.        Purchase and Maintenance Section:

A.     The management and maintenance of campus buildings

B.     Campus-beautification projects

C.     Purchasing and public bidding

D.     Maintenance staffs management

E.      Property and facilities management and article control

F.      The maintenance of utilities including water and electricity

G.     The assistance of conference rooms decoration


2.        Cashier Section:

A.     The charging and refund of tuition fees

B.     Public checks and receipts keeping

C.     The management of school staffs payroll

D.     The deduction of Labor Insurance, GESSI, NHI, income tax, housing loan, and other payments

E.      The management for miscellaneous expenses including subsidies, travel expenses, and so on

F.      Receipts making and offer


3.  Document and File Section:

A.     School history documents

B.     Document management including document register, delivery, and checking, etc.

C.     Seals safekeeping and files management

D.     Files sorting and cataloging