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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Office of Practice and Job Counseling

 Office of Practice and Job Counseling

A. Organization

        The director of this office is appointed by the principal to carry out the work of students’ practice counseling and job counseling.  The office is subdivided into two units, Practice Counseling and Job Counseling, each with a leader.

        There are totally five departments in our school, including International Trade, Applied Foreign Languages, Data Processing, Advertisement Designing, and Early Child Care and Education, each with a chairperson.   

B. Personnel

  • Director                       ext140
  • Leader of Practice Counseling     ext141
  • Leader of Job Counseling         ext141
  • Chairperson of each Department   ext142
  • Computer Mechanic             ext144
  • Computer Classroom 2F             ext143
  • Computer Classroom 3F              ext144
  • Computer Classroom 4F              ext145

C. Objectives

The main objectives of vocational education are to advance students’ professional knowledge and capabilties, cultivate work ethics, strengthen the ability for further studies, and produce sound basic-level technicians.  They help  the country’s economic construction, meet social needs, and also satisfy the requirements of the graduates to have broader space to adapt to rapid technoligical progress, dramatic change of social stucture, and diversification, globalization, and modernization of the current industries. 

Due to the fact that more and more graduates choose to pursue higher education instead of entering the workforce immediately upon graduation, the main responsibilities of this office have shifted from overseeing internships and career counseling to helping students enhance their practical skills in such areas as accounting, computer software, advertising design, and foreign languages.

D. Key Work

(1) Practice Counseling

I. Planning and coordination of practice equipment, and purchase of practice

materials for all departments.

II. Helping students to join the competions of various vocational techinques.

III. Helping teachers to join the learning projects held by public and private organizations, and promoting the cooperation between the school and the industry.

IV. Helping each department to hold off-campus visits.

V. Cultivating correct work ethics.

VI. Helping signing up for various vocational tests.


(2) Job Counseling


I. Improving students professional learning.

II. Encouraging students to take tests of various vocational techniques.

III. Strengthening education of safety and hygiene.

IV. Setting up a job-counseling network between the school and communities.

V. Arranging different kinds of further vocational training programs for teachers.

VI. Inviting experts and entrepreneurs to deliver speeches for teachers and