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Counseling Office

 Counseling Office


  • Staff:

Based on the staffing principles of Educational Bureau, the counseling office was set up and included in the Administrative System of the school in 1984. Since then, it has been in charge of the implementation of counseling tasks of the school. The staff of the office is formed by 4 teachers, including a director who tutors the office, a full-time counseling teacher, a counseling teacher for the night school, and a tutor for the make-up courses. All the counseling- or special education- related tasks are arranged and executed by the 4 teachers, who have to offer learning, life or psychological guidance for the students to get used to the school life as well as provide professional consulting services for teachers to deal with problems related to class management and for parents to communicate with their children.


  • Task:

1.      Implementing the task of the individual case counseling

2.      Planning and implementing class or small group counseling activities

3.      Practicing and instructing students’ psychological tests

4.      Promoting various counseling tasks, including career guidance, gender-equality education, life education, etc.

5.      Providing students with relevant academic information and advice for further studies in colleges

6.      Assigning suitable counselors to students who need counseling

7.      Implementing the task of erasing students’ demerit records

8.      Assigning suitable students as class counselors to announce counseling-related activities and information

9.      Publishing counseling-related journals

10.  Designing and producing bookmarks with practical counseling information and resources

11.  Offering make-up or counseling courses for disabled students

12.  Holding counseling- or special education- related seminars for teachers

13.  Providing professional counseling services for teachers

14.  Providing professional counseling services for parents

15.  Holding seminars about parental education regularly

16.  Implementing various tasks assigned by Psychology and Health Education Counseling Service Center in Yunlin area

17.  Implementing other planning tasks for counseling and special education meeting