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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Continuing Education School

Continuing Education School

  • About the Organization of the Continuing Education School

Dean of Academic and Students’ Affairs   Extension: 170

Section of Teaching                   Extension: 171

Section of Students’ Affairs             Extension: 172

Section of Life Counseling              Extension: 172

  • Our Goals:

1.        To promote communization of the night school and lifelong learning.

2.        To develop high-quality human resoureces, and reduce the numbers of dropouts.

3.        To ensure the opportunity of the underprivileged and community people by open admission.

4.        To match the plan of developing students of electronic eras and enhance students’ interest and ability by helping students pass technicians’ exam.

5.        To promote lifelong learning and the equality of academics and moral education.

6.        To promote administrative efficiency by computerizing students’ grades and status.

7.        To guide students to respect life and unite students by inviting experts and scholars to make a speech.

  • Our Educational Goals:

1.        To discipline students with school rules.

2.        To promote effective teaching and emphasize basic curriculum.

3.        To shape students’ good characters.

4.        To establish good learning atmosphere.

5.        To enforce the responsibility of homeroom teachers and respective students’counseling.

6.        To control students’ attendance and absence.

7.        To emphasize the importance of tidiness.

8.        To help students pass technicians’ exam.

9.        To hold different kinds of students’ activities.

10.    To provide a varitey of school activities.

  • How to Enter our School:

        Students can enter our school by open admission. If family incomes are less than 114,00,00, students can have lower tuition fees. To promote lifelong learning systems and take care of the underprivileged, those who graduate from the subsidiary schools of junior high schools, who are more than 20 years old or aborigines can gain admission first.