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歡迎光臨 Welcome to National Douliou Vocational High School Of Home Economics & Commerce
Department of Data Processing

 Department of Data Processing

  • History

    In the era of Information and Net, owning computer technology is one of the requirements in modern society. Therefore, the aim of the department is to cultivate students with intergraded computer skills.

  • Outlook

    We have 9 classes, and 8 professional and qualified teachers.  We have abundant and modern gadgets and advanced technology for students’ learning.

  • Facility

※    Computer classroom:  We have 5 well-equipped classrooms for students. Each student can be equipped with a computer to indulge in the world of computers.

※    Smart board

※     Graphics tablet

※    Lego robots

※    Internet Equipment: the computer classrooms in the school can be connected to Internet.

  • Class Features
  • Our class design is equal computer and business curriculum, including basic business-based classes: accounting, economics and introduction to business.  Also, we have computer-based classes, including programming language, the Internet, Webpage, data management, Operating System, Design for Multimedia and Animation.  As a result, students can learn by doing on their own.
  • Enhancement of the ability in professional technology: we help and guide students to gain certificates of engineers and computer capability.
  • Lego Club: To enhance the ability of design and programming language, we have a Lego Robot Club.  With the features of vivid interface of programming, students can strengthen their logics and critical thinking.
  • Future Development
  • Advanced schooling: Students can major in departments of Information Management and Business-related filed in university of technology, technological colleges, and junior colleges and so on.
  • Future career:

(1)Field of Information Technology: data processing, webpage design, programming language, information management, Internet management.

(2)Field of Business: Accounting Affairs, market service, marketing …